Left Turn Track Group - "Machine's" Tracks

Tracks by Garry Cross "Machine". Thanks for all who support me in any way. It has been a massive job building these tracks. Still a lot of work to do to get them up to rF2 standards. But the initial track shape and operational stuff is mostly in place now.

I had to call this page something! Left Turn Track Group does not really exist, but I bought the domain a few years ago and spent a few hours knocking this up today. (9 Jan 2018) I am a web developer, so if you want a website, domains or hosting, visit gxpc.com.au

See more info and download tracks from Steam or Studio 397 Forum. I race at Stock Car Sim Racing.com

If you wish to donate some money towards my coffee, please do! Or just a donation in appreciation of the work that goes into building these tracks. (Link takes you to my GXPC payment page on PayPal)

What's new?

Working hard to get the last 4 tracks out at 1.4. (see 1.4x updates below)

  • Chicagoland
  • Pocono
  • New Hampshire
  • Watkins Glen

I have been working on and off on higher quality objects for all the tracks. With some help from friends.

I have done some early work on a new Grandstand for Talladega.

Another track I have been working on when I need a distraction. Sound is non-existant, but the AI go 3 wide! (recorded on my phone)


1.0 Initial track builds were to convert/scratch build from rFactor 1 to rFactor 2

1.1-1.3 versions updated to DX11, changing textures to albedo and fixing some yellow lights.

1.4x versions are updating a whole list of minor issues.

Las Vegas
New Hampshire
Watkins Glen